Stanford Healthy Lifestyles Program at the YMCA

The Stanford Healthy Lifestyle Program is a ten month 22 session behavior modification program seeking to change lifestyle based risk factors.  The program uses a group support model and behavior change strategies that have been shown to be effective in research projects tested by SPRC.  The program began with faculty and staff and over the past five years HPRC has trained community educators and wellness coaches to lead programs. 

Program Widens its Reach

 The most successful endeavor has been with the YMCA of the USA, where staff at approximately 30 branches have received training and currently deliver the program to members and non-members of their community.  One very successful experience was in Rhode Island, where HIP trained YMCA staff in Providence.  The program's success led to the Governor asking if staff from every YMCA in Rhode Island could be trained to work with teachers.  Money from the No Child Left Behind Act was used to pay for the training and implementation. 

Across the Country

  • In Rochester, NY a large grocery chain (Wegman's) asked the YMCA to provide this program to their staff. 
  • In Seattle, the program has been successfully implemented in every branch and it serves as a 'beacon' program for those seeking improvements in their health.
  • In Milwaukee, the training led to a community coalition focused on health promotion.  The coalition included a business group on health, a hospital, an HMO, community leaders, and is being led by the YMCA.
  • In Boise, the YMCA used the program to highlight its health promotion efforts and secure a grant from Blue Cross. 
  • In St. Louis, the program stimulated discussions among a business group, a health care system, and two universities within the community. 
  • YMCA staff in Hartford, Charlotte, Tampa, Ann Arbor, and Tacoma also has been trained and are currently offering the program.