Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Task Force Committee


Dana Clemons


Shawna Follis


Marcia Stefanick


Diana Fox Facilitator/Staff



DEIB Committee Mission Statement

Create and sustain an environment where each individual is welcomed and is treated with respect.

We perform an advisory role* to the division leadership on matters of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in our center. We are here to listen, share information, and facilitate conversations to help create and continually improve our community climate. We meet once a month during the academic year. In sum, we:

  • Listen to ffedback and concerns
  • Empathize with issues presented
  • Analyze root problems and deciencies in current processes
  • Develop possible solution and best practice recommendations to address issues
  • Escalate to external policy groups when appropriate
  • Recommend follow up actions to executive decision makers

The DEIB Committee's mission will continue to evolve with input from our entire SPRC community. We are always open to your feedback, and we welcome new committee members at the start of each academic year. We will continue to update this document to reflect the most recent developments.
*Our advisory role means we do not have executive power in decision making. However, we will utulize all channels available to elevate relevant issues, concerns, and oppurtunities for growth an improvement to leadership.

DEIB Resources