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Our address:

Stanford Prevention Research Center
Stanford University School of Medicine
3180 Porter Drive, Mail Code 5702
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Diana Fox, Division Manager: (650) 723-4030

The SPRC faculty and staff pages show the location for each person included in those lists. You can also obtain individual contact information, including email, for any SPRC employee by searching the Stanford.who Directory Service.

The Center is administered through the School of Medicine, as a Division in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Farquhar directed the Center from its inception through 1997. Dr. Fortmann was appointed Center Director in 1998 and in May of 2010 retired.  Dr. David Maron is the Director, and Diana Fox, the Division Manager. The broad scope of the Center requires knowledge and skills from many different academic disciplines, and scientists and professionals from several Departments and Schools in the University are involved, as well as investigators in other institutions.

SPRC operates additional clinical research sites. SPRC research projects are also conducted in the Stanford University Hospital General Clinical Research Center and at schools and community centers throughout the Bay Area.

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