Administrative Staff

Division Manager



Master of Science in Community Health and Prevention (CHPR)

Dr. Judith Prochaska, Program Director

Jennifer Robinson, PhD,  Administrative Director

WELL Project

Dr. Ann Hsing, Director

Contemplation by Design

Tia Rich, PhD, Director


Jeff Melton
Information Systems Manager

Garrett Joseph
Facility Administrator

Financial Services

Joan Brown
Research Financial Analyst

Sharon Bergman
Research Financial Analyst

Administrative Support

Alyssa Sacro

Executive Assistant to Dr. David Maron Division Chief

& Diana Fox, Division Manager

Dana Waller
Administrator Associate, 1070 Arastradero, Dr. Michaela Kiernan, Dr. Lisa Henriksen, Dr. Mike Baiocchi        

 & Dr. Judith Prochaska Labs

Amy Lang
Administrator Associate, Dr. Marcia Stefanick Lab

Darlyne Esparza
Administrator Associate, Dr. Abby King Lab

Sarah Marks
Administrator Associate, MSOB, Dr. John Ioannidis,  Dr. Randall Stafford & Dr. Chrstopher Gardner Labs